Ahlan! I am known as Sayyidah 'Azzah bint al-Badawi al-Murabbiyyah al-Rualliyyah, C.W.C. in the Society for Creative Anachronism. I've been a member for many years, and have been particularly active since acquiring my wonderful mare, Aziza. I have revamped my persona entirely from what it was when I first started in the Society; inspired by my mare's bloodlines, I am now a bedouin and am currently enjoying equestrian activities and persona research.

Aziza and I are based in the Barony of Shattered Crystal, Midlands, in the Midrealm.


Projects in the works include converting an extant saddle tree into a reasonable facsimile of a bedouin saddle. I also have interests in garb making, illumination (particularly Middle Eastern styles), pewter casting, and anything horse-related. I am really drawn to projects which involve the equestrian arts and persona development


I love sharing what I have learned, but as I'm still acquiring information myself, I hope to assemble some useful links here along with any original thoughts I can offer!

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